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Staying on the path of breeding good sound Akitas


  Welcome !


Jeffrey & Cheryl Mitchell

​​As a born animal lover, I have always loved my pets dearly.

As I became a first time owner of an Akita, I immediately realized how special the breed is.  So much so, I didn't own him, he owned me, heart and soul.  I enjoyed watching my first Akita grow into a complete family member.  My Akita waited for the children to come home from school daily.  My Akita warned us when a bad storm was coming.  My Akita kept my home safe in one of the most crime ridden areas in my city.   I will forever love my first Akita, Justice. And from this love came my first show quality Akita, Xochil.  I have taken a few rescues and I became very interested in keeping such wonderful animals in my home and sharing them with others.  This is why I wanted to breed. To help others get the same joy from owning an Akita as I have.  Thank you for reading.

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