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Staying on the path of breeding good sound Akitas


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We are so blessed to have sold our puppies to such good homes.  Here are some of the pictures of our pups in their new homes and what they new owners say about them.

Kagura's Pup Luna

This is her right before bed on the second night here. The day after we arrived home we took her to my grandmas camp where there were 5 other dogs. She got along great with all of them with no problems and she played all day with them or with me. She wouldn't go more than 5 yards away from me I do not need to put a leash on her because she follows me. 


While we were at camp I discovered that she loves to swim. The camp is on a lakefront and she jumped right in behind me and started swimming like she has done it 100 times before. She also gets along great with the cats and our little dog Brownie. She has not had any accidents in the house yet.  She is a brilliant, beautiful and just an amazing dog. I am so happy I found her she has helped me so much over the past weeks and we have formed an amazing bond already.


Thank you so much!! 


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